There’s a bigger story here, about the complex mix of forces that motivate consumer decision making.

Our lives are rich with emotions, perceptions and experiences that influence our behavior but can’t be put into numbers. To capture what lives beneath the surface, we use ethnographic discovery, empathic listening and close observation, then tease out the hidden patterns and implications. The benefit for you: a deeper, more nuanced understanding of your consumer and detailed direction informed by authentic human experience.


Consumer Illumination

Building your brand’s competitive advantage starts with a truly deep and madly detailed understanding of your consumers. You’ve got a long list of things you want to know, beginning with who your consumers are, what they value, and what brings them joy or causes frustration. To get answers, we dig deep into your consumers’ lives, helping you experience what they say, what they do and how they live. You learn all about how their attitudes, behaviors and motivations triangulate together – just what you need to make sure your brand stays relevant to the people who matter most.


Consumer Journey Mapping

Ever feel like the shopper’s path to purchase is more pretzel than straight line? We’ve got a shopping cart full of qualitative tools to help you understand the factors that influence consumer purchasing behavior throughout their journey with your brand. Through methods like shop-alongs and pantry tours, we dig into the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of key consumers and use journey mapping to determine the catalytic moments that matter, from initial triggers to purchase decision. You get ringside seats to real-life consumer thought processes, along with clear direction to help you deepen the connection between target consumers and your brand.


Consumer Persona Creation

Developing deep empathy for your target consumer can help you ensure that they become emotionally attached and loyal to your product. That’s because the more intimately you understand and identify with them, the more relevant your communications to and innovations for them will become. To create an effective target persona, we use insights from qualitative research to assemble the traits, attitudes, beliefs and values that characterize and define your most important audience segments. The result is precisely what you need: a targeting tool that establishes a powerful connection between you and the consumer you want to reach, talk to and grow with.


Positioning Development

Outshining the competition depends on how well-positioned you are. The health and success of your brand is determined by the distinctive territory you’ve claimed in the marketplace and the minds of consumers. We’ve got lots of projective techniques in our qualitative quiver to help you define a position that is yours and yours alone, then develop messaging that’s emotionally powerful, behaviorally persuasive and easy to understand. Sounds like a tall order? We’re up for the challenge if you are.


Concept & Packaging Development

Are your target consumers going to see your new product, feature or packaging design the way you want them to? With Concept & Packaging Development research, we engage with consumers to elicit their authentic opinions and understand whether your stimuli is saying and doing what you intended. We can jump in at any stage, whether you’re mulling over new ideas, working on improvements to existing products or packaging, or about to go to market. By identifying potential concerns or unaddressed issues, we help you avoid pre-launch pitfalls and ensure post-launch stickiness.


Communication Strategy

In a world jam-packed with more channels than you can measure, it’s never been easier — or more complicated — to reach out directly to consumers. You need to know: are you sending the right message? With Communication Strategy research, we help you know what to say and how to say it so your voice will stand out. We illuminate the language and messaging that will most effectively stir emotion, encourage engagement and build brand loyalty with your current and prospective consumers, so you can connect in compelling and meaningful ways.

Emotion is messy, contradictory… and true.